Who will help you join the company?

Who will help you join the company?

Write a collaboration proposal specifically for the Marketing Director of the company in which you would like to work, reporting the characteristics of the procedures you have developed in the past including the results that have been obtained and possibly the testimonies of your colleagues.

Marketing Manager Job Description, Qualifications, and Outlook

This person will not be your boss as you will work in different sectors but after reading your letter he will not wait for you to be hired as he will see the possibility of having a personal advantage. His reactions will therefore be:

  1. Calls you for information.
  2. Contact the personnel manager and recommend that he meet you.
  3. He won’t do anything in the short term but when he needs something similar to what you described, he will choose one of the two previous options.

In any case, you have gone from being a stranger with almost no chance of being evaluated to becoming a very interesting resource for an influential person in the company who wants you to be considered.

Basically, you have created a valuable ally at no cost.

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