Error: You have already signed up for this job posting

Suddenly a message pops up where the program scolds you for trying to apply for the same job post again! You experience for a few moments a feeling of amazement, disbelief, and embarrassment. What happened?

You recover from the momentary despondency and since you don’t like being considered a nuisance or a desperate person who wants an answer at all costs, go and see the list of your past applications or the emails you receive for confirmation when you apply (now you have a lot of those).

Horror! That’s right, you already applied for that announcement several months ago!

The same awkwardness you felt a few minutes ago returns and a question starts pounding in your head. Why did they re-publish the same job posting as new?

Since you are convinced of the professionalism of those who have taken charge of your precious and confidential standard Curriculum Vitae, you start looking for logical answers.

Maybe they haven’t found a suitable candidate (yet you have all the necessary characteristics, why didn’t they call you?).


Maybe they temporarily suspended the search and then restarted after some time when the situations changed (yet the ad said “urgent search” …).


They probably recycled the same job posting to use it for a different company (it seems a bit strange to me …).


There is no job for the post you responded to.

The ad was only used to create a list of people to resell to some company (hopefully not the one you work for) making fun of your good faith in the system: Job advertisement -> Effective search -> Interview.

Now the feeling you have is anger at being made fun of which is followed by the frustration of feeling helpless because you don’t know how to prevent these things that take away a piece of your dignity every time from happening again in the future.

There is good news: there is a professional method called Direct Interview to avoid finding yourself in this situation.

It was designed to find work quickly without going through the filters of intermediaries or all those people who are not able to understand your real value but it is also an excellent way to avoid having to trust your hopes to find work of a better working future to those who use it other than that intended.

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