Can applying for the wrong job positions hurt you?

candidarsi-per-le-posizioni-di-lavoro-sbagliate-puo-danneggiarti-01Some Recruiting Companies have long since adopted automatic tools to disqualify people who apply without meeting the required requirements.

These systems allow you to recognize if in the past you have applied for positions you did not meet the required requirements by assigning you a “bad grade”. Every time you have responded to an advertisement in which you are not considered suitable, you get a small disqualification until your situation becomes serious and you are excluded from any job opportunity.

Automatically deleting your application allows some recruiting companies to avoid having to invest time in useless analyzes that will not bring any advantage since in their logic a person who applies to the wrong positions probably does not have a good consideration of his professionalism.

What's the Difference Between a 'Good' Job and a 'Bad' Job?

I’ll give you an example that can help you figure out if you’ve been blacklisted.

Let’s say you’re a good heating salesman. Seeing as the market is going badly and there are bad rumors in the office, you start looking around for other job opportunities.

Unfortunately, you can’t find anything interesting but you come across an interesting announcement where they are looking for a vendor of renewable energy equipment. The announcement states that the person sought must have specific experience in the sector and age of less than 30.

You followed a negotiation with another seller for that type of product and you found that the problems are very similar to those of the heating in which you specialize. You are a few years older than the indicated age limit but you still think that your experience will compensate for the fact that you do not meet all the requirements and apply anyway.

You obviously don’t get any response. Over time you see other ads where people are looking for similar activities and you apply there too. Time passes but not even the shadow of answers. Before you received some answers (even negative) now nothing but nothing at all. You are not even considered for positions where you really meet all the requirements.

Guess what happened? That’s right, you have been included among the “unwanted” or among the people who in the past have sent applications that are not compatible with the requested position so every attempt (even where you have all the requirements) is automatically blocked without even warning you.

How do you get out of that glass bubble they’ve put you in and blocking your chances of getting a new job? You can’t, the damage is done now. It is not even necessary to contact the recruiter as this person often does not even know that this automatic filter system is active (and even if he knew it would never admit it).

You’re basically screwed.

What can be done?

The Direct Interview Method allows you to successfully propose yourself even for a job position in which you do not have all the requirements but without the danger of being sentenced to exile by some selection societies.

Let’s go back to the previous example or a salesman job in the field of renewable energy equipment compared to that relating to heating systems. The first step is to identify the common elements between these two works such as:

  • The type of customer.
  • Negotiation times.
  • Methods for finding customers.
  • Competition.

Once you understand which of your personal experiences and successes can also be considered interesting in the renewable energy sector, you need to understand what problems and ambitions the entrepreneurs and managers in this sector have and leverage on these their needs.

When everything is ready, send your application according to the Direct Interview Method.

Those who read your application will understand the absolute need to have a personal meeting with you as you have demonstrated credibility and competence in the things that are most important to your potential employer (the fact that compared to other candidates you have a few more years and not the same specific knowledge of the product loses importance).

Not bad for those who have been “condemned” by the Selection Company without even being evaluated, isn’t it?

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