5 questions you need to ask yourself before applying for a job

Ask yourself

1) Is there everything you need in your application?

If you are applying directly to a company, you absolutely must remember to include all the elements that can demonstrate your credibility. A person who is not credible gets no interest even if he comes from a prestigious university or has held professional roles in important companies. Put yourself in the shoes of those who will read your application and ask yourself if the material is adequate to demonstrate this.

2) Is your application tailored to the job and company you are addressing?

If you send the same document that you use for all applications, the recruiter will likely understand and throw everything in the trash. Every company, type of job and person to send your offer to is different and you must take this into account when preparing everything that has to present you worthily. The “one-size-fits-all document” is not the best solution indeed, to be honest, it’s a big problem.

3) Does it capture attention in seconds?

You are talking to someone who probably has a lot of other applications that same day and has little time and desire to do so. If you can’t grab his attention in a few moments, you’re really done for. Copy the first 4-5 lines of your document onto a slip of paper and add your phone number. Ask yourself: after reading it, would you call that number if you were the recruiter?

4) Is the text compelling?

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I don’t think there is anyone who likes to read applications from unknown people that they will probably never meet. Improperly many people think of reducing the length of the application text to prevent the recruiter from getting tired in reading while instead, they should focus on something else. A recruiter doesn’t mind having to read 4 compelling pages while, on the other hand, 4 boring and obvious lines are enough to make him take his attention off and throw everything in the trash.

5) Do you have enough information about the company?

Two companies of the same size and turnover operating in the same sector, in the same area, with the same products can be extremely different from each other, so you need to have as much information as possible and make sure that your application takes I count everything. Just one detail is enough to make your application attractive or devoid of any interest.

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