Wasn’t it better to apply for that job first?

Even if it’s bothering you, submit your application and hope for the best. After a few hours, you go back to see the announcement and you discover that the number of applications received has tripled! The next day you hardly have the courage but something pushes you to do it and you return to the announcement: the number of candidates is enormous!

How to Successfully Apply for a Job in a New Field | Inc.com

You refrain from returning in the following days as you see more and more uncertainty about your possibility of finally giving up the unbearable work environment you are in and being able to improve your lifestyle.

Even though you were sure you were the perfect candidate, days go by and you don’t get contacted for the job interview. So choose to play the trick of the century and send your standard Curriculum Vitae to the company’s personnel manager, which now looks like an author’s painting given how many improvements you have made.

Some time later you receive a cold and automatic response that suggests that your application has not even been read: “We are not accepting other applications for the position sought”.

At that moment you understand how much simpler and more effective it would have been for both you and the company if you had anticipated your spontaneous application before they thought of posting a job advertisement where they are overwhelmed by offers of people less competent than you.

Choice possibilities confuse the employer and nullify your chances of being cast even if you are the best candidate for that job.

The reason why you have to propose directly to companies by anticipating the announcements through an application according to the Direct Interview Method, is to reduce the possibilities of choice of the employer so that he can evaluate you serenely and decide.

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