Have you ended up in the downward spiral of job seekers?

sei-finito-nella-spirale-negativa-di-chi-cerca-lavoro-01Have you ended up in the downward spiral of job seekers?

An initial response arrives. Go to the interview but you immediately see that the conditions are not right: the Selection Company informs you that in reality, it has nothing concrete to offer you because it is simply creating a list of names. You begin to feel a feeling of disappointment.

Respond to less and less interesting job postings. At first, you only responded to ads for particularly interesting positions but then you adapt to respond to less important ones by lowering your demands.

A second answer comes to you. The interview seems to have gone well but from that moment the recruiter does not make himself heard. You try timidly to make contact with this person but the information that is given to you so curtly does not leave much hope. You are starting to have enough of the situation.

You no longer edit your standard Curriculum Vitae. Even if you have acquired new skills, you do not include them in your standard Curriculum Vitae and in general, you no longer enjoy looking at your professional life story which reminds you of a time when you had no problem finding work.

You apply everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skills and requirements: by now you send your standard Curriculum Vitae everywhere hoping that someone will answer you sooner or later. Do not even wait for the job advertisement anymore, send the application to anyone who has had a bad idea of ​​being present on the internet. By now there are hundreds of failed attempts you have made.

You think the problem is you. After you have sent your applications to everyone and have unnecessarily blamed all those who “command” in your country, you begin to convince yourself that the problem is you. Maybe because you are too “mature”, too little educated, or because you live in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Stop searching. By now you are certain that you have ended up in a situation with no remedy and therefore it is not worthwhile to insist and stop looking and become part of those millions of Italians who have lost hope.

You go into depression. You get depressed because of everything that has happened so far and which in rare cases could bring you very serious consequences.

Get out of the spiral by changing your way.

First of all, you need to understand that the problem is not you but the method you are using.

To get out of this negative spiral, you need to adopt a professional method that will make you determine what is what.

All of this will provide you with those tools that no one until now (eg school, training, and career guidance centers) has ever taught you to build to be effective in finding a new job.

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