Avoid the downside game of companies towards job seekers!

The people involved in selection know very well human nature so they can find out what are your weaknesses on which to force you to give up and accept lower pay than you deserve.

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You know when they ask you those typical questions like:

  • Why did you decide to answer the job ad?
  • What do you dislike about the current occupation?
  • What are you looking for in a new job?

In addition to getting a picture of you, your answers are useful for them to understand if there are any elements that they can exploit should you be the one to be chosen.

  • Are you having problems with your boss? You will accept lower pay.
  • Are you frustrated by a stuffy situation? You will accept lower pay.
  • Are you looking for personal appreciation? You will accept lower pay.
  • Do you have logistical problems and need to get closer to home? You will accept lower pay.

But that’s not enough. The recruiters most prepared for the diabolical activity of snatching your money don’t just X-ray any of your emotions, tone of voice, words you use in expressing yourself, or your body position.

They come to carry out analyzes on the situation of your current company to understand what is happening if there are difficulties or anyway important reasons that can lead the people who work there to quickly change their destination.

Do you come from a company in an economic crisis that is deciding staff reduction plans? Expect that you will be offered a much lower sum than your professionalism and experience would deserve.

They’ll use arguments like:

  • The General Management was very precise on the figure… (not true!)
  • You must think of it as an investment for the future…
  • So he forces us to choose another person …

In short, they will use all the weapons of persuasion towards you to make you delude yourself that it was your choice to accept a lesser remuneration than what the company was willing to give you.

The 3 + 1 elements to pass victorious from the comparison with the recruiter (and understand if you are not doing the wrong company)

Be aware of your true worth.

Before starting any job search, you need to be clear about your limitations and your best features.

Professional scope. You are probably able to adapt to different types of jobs and companies, but there is certainly an area in which you are extraordinary. You absolutely must be clear where your experience can be most considered.

More benefits. Look at your past and your personal characteristics. Were you able to solve particular problems for the company? With what results, times, and methods? Make a list and choose the ones that may be most useful or otherwise have the greatest effect on your employer.

Reasons you might not be eligible. Are there any reasons that can make you pass for a “second choice” candidate? You need to understand what might be bothering you and find a way to highlight your positive characteristics and avoid being discriminated against.

Credibility. You must collect and use anything that can make you pass for a person of value. Everything is allowed: references from people who have worked with you, success stories you have participated in, awards received from employers, …).

To determine your true worth, you obviously can’t improvise. You must use the Direct Interview Method which can make you understand which characteristics are important to the employer.

When the recruiter tries to convince you to accept a lower salary because “you are not all that great”, retort point for everything giving the right weight to your value.

Calculate the salary you deserve.

There are sites where you can calculate the national average salary for your profession based on the experience you have and the expected job position.

Do your research and calculate the minimum and maximum resulting from the data taken from the various sites. Your salary must be between these two figures. As soon as the recruiter tries to steal your fair income, present the data you have processed and put forward your right reasons.

Anticipate job advertisements.

The company will try to cut your salary only if it has many applications from qualified people, which obviously happens following the publication of a job advertisement.

If you make a habit of always proposing yourself before the company publishes a job advertisement, you will put the recruiter in a position to hire you without cheating on the price (“I found the right person, I do not start looking for another person with the risk of having to read hundreds of applications!”)

Anyway… think about it.

If you are out of work and you don’t know how to pay your bills or there are serious problems in your current company or you think you are too old, there is no need to think too much about it: take what they offer. Once you have mastered the Direct Interview Method, you will soon have the opportunity to find a better job.

If, on the other hand, you are not in an emergency, remember that changing company is always a leap in the dark: Are you sure that it is worth investing your time in a company that tries to slip away a few euros even before hiring you?

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