Are these companies looking for you?

In a job advertisement, the more interesting the position is, the more people think they are suitable to cover it up with the effect of preventing the best candidates from being noticed.

Unfortunately, you must know that by the time you hear about this research, it’s probably already too late: before you, hundreds (if not thousands) of other people have already submitted their standard Curriculum Vitae, drastically reducing your chances of obtaining a job interview.

The tricky probability

Calculating the percentage of probability that you will be chosen from the crowd of other candidates is quite easy. After the offer is published, it is transported through the various job search engines, newsletters, sites that republish the advertisement, etc.

Consider that the newsletter distribution lists of job offer portals have an average of 300,000 subscribers (some of the international companies have millions). In our case, let’s say that only 0.2% of newsletter subscribers may be interested in the job offer that concerns you (600 people).

Usually, the person who really decides the recruitment in the company (eg the General Manager) even if tens of thousands of standard Curriculum Vitae arrive in the company, will never receive more than 4 candidates.

In this condition, using the standard Curriculum Vitae, your probability of arriving at the interview with the General Manager (or the person making the final decision) is:

Probability of being chosen for the interview =
1 / number of applications * 4 = 0.67%

0.67%! Now do you understand why it has been days, weeks, (months?) That no one responds to your standard Curriculum Vitae that you sent out hopefully to respond to job advertisements?

When competition is very strong and your chances are slim, the advance is one of the most effective ways to acquire a decisive advantage.

What can you do to make the odds of getting a new job more than just hitting the basket blindfolded and hands tied behind your back?

Play in advance!

No, I’m not telling you to send your standard Curriculum Vitae to all the companies that have had a bad idea of ​​publishing the “work with us” area on their website or to make a list of all the General Managers who find on the internet and shoot your document at him.

This thing is not only perfectly useless but it will probably make you enter the list of people who will NEVER work in that company (bores are always kept in mind).

What you need to do is use the Direct Interview Method by going to find out as much as possible about that company and the most influential people who work there and then understand their problems and see how your experience can be useful.

Once you have found the area in which to focus, you need to understand what are the elements in which you can demonstrate your competence and credibility.

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