Has the death of the Curriculum Vitae arrived?

Today it is necessary to apply direct tools able to demonstrate credibility and reduce the decision time. Find out why. Below I describe the processes that normally precede or follow the hiring of a new employee. “Standard Curriculum Vitae” method. The need arises for a new employee in the company department. This need matures over […]

Who will help you join the company?

Who will help you join the company? Write a collaboration proposal specifically for the Marketing Director of the company in which you would like to work, reporting the characteristics of the procedures you have developed in the past including the results that have been obtained and possibly the testimonies of your colleagues. This person will […]

Same Curriculum Vitae but different people?

There is a danger that people who don’t have your skills will get the job you deserve. Find out why. You and Marco have been friends for a long time. You went to the same school and when the time came, you found yourself working in the same company. You both have the same profession […]