Wasn’t it better to apply for that job first?

Even if it’s bothering you, submit your application and hope for the best. After a few hours, you go back to see the announcement and you discover that the number of applications received has tripled! The next day you hardly have the courage but something pushes you to do it and you return to the […]

The hamburger of your professional life according to the Selection Companies

The goal of some recruiting companies is not to find the best candidate but to find the candidate with the least effort. Here is the recipe imposed by some Selection Companies to prepare the “Curriculum Vitae Hamburger” which facilitates the life of the breeder and eliminates any possibility of being noticed for your best characteristics. […]

Avoid the downside game of companies towards job seekers!

The people involved in selection know very well human nature so they can find out what are your weaknesses on which to force you to give up and accept lower pay than you deserve. You know when they ask you those typical questions like: Why did you decide to answer the job ad? What do […]

What happens in the companies that receive your Curriculum Vitae?

To maintain itself, a developing company constantly needs to add new capable and specialized collaborators. The lack of this element can lead the company into a disastrous decline in a short time. The company is undergoing great development and there is a lot of talk about them. On the one hand, this advertising is pleasant […]

Are these companies looking for you?

In a job advertisement, the more interesting the position is, the more people think they are suitable to cover it up with the effect of preventing the best candidates from being noticed. Unfortunately, you must know that by the time you hear about this research, it’s probably already too late: before you, hundreds (if not […]

5 questions you need to ask yourself before applying for a job

Ask yourself 1) Is there everything you need in your application? If you are applying directly to a company, you absolutely must remember to include all the elements that can demonstrate your credibility. A person who is not credible gets no interest even if he comes from a prestigious university or has held professional roles […]

Can applying for the wrong job positions hurt you?

Some Recruiting Companies have long since adopted automatic tools to disqualify people who apply without meeting the required requirements. These systems allow you to recognize if in the past you have applied for positions you did not meet the required requirements by assigning you a “bad grade”. Every time you have responded to an advertisement […]

Have you ended up in the downward spiral of job seekers?

Have you ended up in the downward spiral of job seekers? An initial response arrives. Go to the interview but you immediately see that the conditions are not right: the Selection Company informs you that in reality, it has nothing concrete to offer you because it is simply creating a list of names. You begin […]

Error: You have already signed up for this job posting

Suddenly a message pops up where the program scolds you for trying to apply for the same job post again! You experience for a few moments a feeling of amazement, disbelief, and embarrassment. What happened? You recover from the momentary despondency and since you don’t like being considered a nuisance or a desperate person who […]

How did Paolo find a different job?

No one had ever told Paolo to behave like that but since he likes to be always busy and the relationships with customers are good, he starts making it a good habit. He is happy because he uses his time well and customers are happy because they get a discount for an activity that they […]