The hamburger of your professional life according to the Selection Companies

l-hamburger-della-tua-vita-professionale-secondo-le-societa-di-selezione-01The goal of some recruiting companies is not to find the best candidate but to find the candidate with the least effort.

Here is the recipe imposed by some Selection Companies to prepare the “Curriculum Vitae Hamburger” which facilitates the life of the breeder and eliminates any possibility of being noticed for your best characteristics.

Discard the best meat and use only muscle and offal.

Choose what to put in your Curriculum Vitae. Discard the story of all the projects you have participated in, your success stories, personal and business results, your recognized ability to achieve results before others and prefer your personal data, the list of companies in which you have worked, your hobbies and passions, your study path, etc.

Blend everything.

The material with which you will prepare the Curriculum Vitae hamburger must be soft to chew by those who do not want to commit too much so blend everything into a pasty mass made of simple words and not too detailed concepts.

Standard weight.

The weight of your Curriculum Vitae must be standard for all candidates: highly experienced or recent graduates, managerial positions or operational functions, concept jobs, or professionals. Do you have so much to tell and you can’t fit in a maximum of 2 pages? Cut it all, have you seen hamburger packs of different sizes at the supermarket?

Standard form.

Squeeze everything and shape it into the typical hamburger Curriculum Vitae shape. Use the same layout system: first your personal data, then the course of study with a lot of schools and final grade, the list of companies with the start and end dates of the relationship strictly in reverse order, hobbies but only those that make you look like a “normal” person.

Go fry yourself without making a fuss.

Has your hamburger Curriculum Vitae finally reached the standard? Send it without looking for too many details in the job advertisement: salary, projects you will have to participate in, strategies for the future, and anything else that can make you understand if you are about to apply for the best company of your life or the one that will turn into yours. worst nightmare. Anyway, whoever wrote the text doesn’t know the answers.

Pass the quality check.

Are you too old? Too young? Do you live far from your workplace? Are you married but without children? Don’t have the best degree? Don’t you have all (absolutely all) of the required requirements? A computer program or an intern who has just been put on trial will throw your indigestible hamburger CV down the dumpster.

Hope it’s served hot.

Your Curriculum Vitae passes the initial check, but who would eat a cold hamburger? The recruiter must finish the rounds of all the Curriculum Vitae, check if the applications are consistent with the policies of his company, look for other clients for other jobs, evaluate his priorities (in the meantime the employer has changed his mind).

This whole assembly line that the Recruiting Companies get used to using when you write your Curriculum Vitae, has a big problem: the employer who will have to spend large sums of salary, contributions, and taxes for you expects a very expensive Two-finger-high Wellington fillet served in an upscale restaurant and not a bland burger caught in a fast-food restaurant.

Outcome: the hamburger of your application will be brought back to the kitchen and the employer will only have to order another dish by choosing it elsewhere, probably among those who in the meantime sent their application directly, skipping the assembly line that you instead you have been forced to suffer.

One of the most important aspects of creating a direct interview with the employer is that the taste of your real value will come without filters to those who have every interest in wanting to find out. Nobody will force you to discard your best parts just because it is convenient for you to be the same as the others to facilitate the job of selection. It will really be you!

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