Same Curriculum Vitae but different people?

There is a danger that people who don’t have your skills will get the job you deserve. Find out why.

You and Marco have been friends for a long time. You went to the same school and when the time came, you found yourself working in the same company. You both have the same profession but you and Marco cannot be more different in terms of commitment and results at work.

He is the typical character who if he can do less than work, gladly does it. He tries to avoid responsibility in every way: he is now a specialist in this sport, so much so that as soon as the time comes to go out, his races outside the company are legendary.

You like to work and always have new things to do. You have participated in many projects where it was often you who volunteered and you are certainly not looking at the exit time when a result is to be achieved.

Unfortunately, you are in the typical Italian company where the career is made only if you accept certain things that do not center with the job for which your salary has received a few improvements in recent years. But you have never minded too much, at least… until now.

Times change and companies that have never had a system to grow the employees they really deserve are starting to go into crisis. Things are going really badly in your company so both you and Marco decide to look for another job.

You’ve known each other for a long time so you swap the job ads you find. One day Marco informs you that he has been called for an interview for a job you were also applying for. Nothing went well for him. You’re happy for Marco though… why didn’t they call you too?

Then ask Marco to show you his standard Curriculum Vitae and you notice one thing that leaves you really upset: they are identical! After removing the personal data, all other information is the same: studies, company, role, hobby.

Then you understand that something is wrong.

After all, the data requested are very generic as all other more detailed information is then requested at the interview. Only that this way nothing in your great past can help you and you are risking never to get there because of the job interview.

The CV to find work, to date, is an insufficient tool that risks creating barriers to entry based on prejudices such as degree grade, university of origin, age … These are parameters that do not always correspond to the actual contribution that a resource can bring.

You decide that your future depends on your achievements and not on luck.

Stop using improvisation and use a professional method to get what you deserve.

  • Avoid spending time reading job advertisements where the company name is not indicated.
  • Retrieve all the data of the projects you participated in and complete it with the results obtained.
  • Choose the companies and people where you think the same results can be very convenient.
  • Write a collaboration proposal according to the Direct Interview Method paying close attention to the form you use.

In short, you get three results:

  • Make yourself known to the best companies in your industry as a capable professional.
  • You are invited to the interview by someone who has the sensitivity to understand and reward your value.
  • Stop being frustrated by an absurd situation where the activity of selecting applications seems more and more like drawing the winning ticket in a lottery.

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