How did Paolo find a different job?

No one had ever told Paolo to behave like that but since he likes to be always busy and the relationships with customers are good, he starts making it a good habit. He is happy because he uses his time well and customers are happy because they get a discount for an activity that they should have done so much.

This initiative of his in a short time allowed him to become the technician with the largest number of paid interventions and the company to increase the turnover and the average earnings on his working day (an initiative that had not occurred to other technicians).

For him, this small business of his represents a case of success that he can use as a basis to build his application through the Direct Interview Method as it allows him to demonstrate his effective ability to create value for the company.

He then develops his entire application by telling how he allowed the company to earn from his good habit, how he extended this practice to his colleagues, and then closed the document by reporting the text of the positive note received from his boss who recognized him good results obtained.

After the letter, skip the Selection Companies by sending everything to the entrepreneurs and managers of the companies that deal with the maintenance of packaging machines.

Today Paolo works as the maintenance manager of one of these companies.

Paolo was successful for 4 main reasons:

  1. Skipped the filter of those who reject applications without taking into account the real needs of companies.
  2. It proved to be the solution to one of the most felt problems: the underutilization of technicians.
  3. It has sparked the managers’ ambition to be able to increase the company’s turnover without increasing costs.
  4. He conveyed the idea of ​​being able to extend this culture to other technicians (which is exactly what a maintenance manager does, right?) thus increasing the expected benefit of his collaboration.

All this overshadowing the fact that he did not come from the specific sector.

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