5 questions you need to ask yourself before applying for a job

Ask yourself 1) Is there everything you need in your application? If you are applying directly to a company, you absolutely must remember to include all the elements that can demonstrate your credibility. A person who is not credible gets no interest even if he comes from a prestigious university or has held professional roles […]

Can applying for the wrong job positions hurt you?

Some Recruiting Companies have long since adopted automatic tools to disqualify people who apply without meeting the required requirements. These systems allow you to recognize if in the past you have applied for positions you did not meet the required requirements by assigning you a “bad grade”. Every time you have responded to an advertisement […]

Error: You have already signed up for this job posting

Suddenly a message pops up where the program scolds you for trying to apply for the same job post again! You experience for a few moments a feeling of amazement, disbelief, and embarrassment. What happened? You recover from the momentary despondency and since you don’t like being considered a nuisance or a desperate person who […]

Who will help you join the company?

Who will help you join the company? Write a collaboration proposal specifically for the Marketing Director of the company in which you would like to work, reporting the characteristics of the procedures you have developed in the past including the results that have been obtained and possibly the testimonies of your colleagues. This person will […]