Looking for work: so much effort for nothing?

The solution is to change while remaining stable.

Giving up is the best way to lose everything. You can’t stop working hard because nobody will help you by coming to your home to offer you a job, resume examples, a better income, nobody.

Even if the government tries to intervene using the tools at its disposal to create new job opportunities, what you are fighting is a war against your fellow men, against anyone who wants the same job you want.

Getting discouraged, giving up fighting, or giving yourself alibis for the situation, limit your skills, ideas, and consequently your worth.

Don’t do something, limit the possibilities and therefore the opportunities you can access. The absence of action cannot be justified by the lack of results. You need to have the consistency to strive even when hopes are low.

Not being up to date aggravates the situation. Attending courses, reading books, learning new techniques, participating in extra-professional activities, acquiring fresh information from blogs and magazines allows you to improve the quality of “your product”.

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Changing perspective, reading the stories of those who made it by studying the techniques they used to successfully propose themselves to companies, is extremely useful.

You have to assimilate the concept behind the success they have achieved. It’s not just about imitating but absorbing their way of thinking and adapting the techniques to your particular personal and professional experiences.

The bottom line of all this great talk is that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve already tried it but how you try in the future. You are not allowed to give up because you have not received any response.

To have a chance you have to continue, always.